January 15, 2016 | Posted in Landscaping

Choosing organic lawn service is more than just a popular trend. It has long-lasting, almost immediate health benefits and Dan’s Organic Lawn & Landscape, LLC in Mason, OH, wants to help you avoid health issues that are often associated with the use of pesticides. Pesticides are often seen as a necessity for consumable food and visually appealing lawns. When considering the health risks, however, researchers have found that the pros of pesticides do not outweigh the cons.

Unless you are working in a garden or field, you probably will not have direct contact with pesticides. But inhalation is a common way people find they are exposed to pesticides. Other ways of exposure include ground source water from areas treated with pesticides.

It is worth taking note. The effects of pesticide poisoning can range from simple nausea and diarrhea to the much more serious inability to breathe, loss of reflexes, and unconsciousness. The more mild effects have the potential to increase in sensitivity.

If you have developed allergies in recent years, you may also want to consider your possible exposure to pesticides. You can easily be exposed if you simply walk on a lawn that has been treated. Your newly developed allergies from pesticides can come in the form of skin problems or breathing issues.

The same way this organic lawn care service cares about its clients, the lawn service knows that you care about those who come in contact with your lawn and its possible byproducts. You want them safe and free of worry for their health due to overexposure or long-term exposure to pesticides. Choosing organic lawn care is a way of showing your genuine concern and will be much appreciated. It could mean the difference between having someone returning to your lawn or piece of property.

Since 1986, Dan’s Organic Lawn & Landscape, LLC has proved that professional lawn care and landscape services are still possible without the use of pesticides.